My first time handling a power washer didn’t go as one might hope. I started by washing the  side of the house, then thought, ” What the heck”, I’ll wash under the eaves as well. I couldn’t get high enough to reach, so I saw two large logs that hadn’t yet been chopped into fire wood laying under the eaves. PERFECT! I stood up on the log, saw a Huge Black Spider. I stare…. it stares back.  The log wobbles a little, I lift the handle to the power washer up to spray, and things went horribly wrong! As soon as my shot of Water hit the Spider, it dropped directly in front of my face!! I screamed, fell backwards off the log and on my way down, my power washer spraying at full force, sprays across my open bedroom window, with the family Cat SITTING in the window! The water knocked over my IPod docking station, and shot one REALLY PISSED OFF CAT out of the window sill and across the bedroom floor!  As soon as I hit the ground I proceeded to flap my arms up and.down my body. This method is called”The Flap and Slap”. Onlookers might mistake this motion for being on fire. My hair, clothes, my bedroom, THE CAT were soaked! I regret that the offending arcane, got away.