Aracanaphobia.. The gift that just keeps on giving!

We all have our own personal” Achilles heel”. For some it’s the fear of height, others it may be the fear of Water Buffalo, but for ME it’s Aracanaphobia. Actually, it’s a step up from that. What I have is Aracana-fricken-phobia! I come by it naturally. You see, my Mother was a visionary. Some parents want to pass things on to their Children, such as a family heirloom, a treasured piece of jewelry, a favorite uncles toupee. But not my Mother. She left me with something far greater. Something I too could pass on to my own children. She left me with the God Awful fear of Spiders!  And she didn’t just leave it to me, heaven’s NO. She gave a little to my brothers too, although if you should ask one of my brothers he will just tell you ” I’m NOT afraid of Spiders.. I just don’t like them”! ( sure, flick one on him and he’ll go into cardiac arrest) THEN he’ll beat the crud out of you! Anyway, Spiders and I have just never gotten along. They don’t like the type of music I listen to, I don’t like their wild parties, they spew silk, I spray Raid.. it gets ugly. When I was sixteen my Mother and I were driving in this blinding rain storm. I had taken a coat from the closest that I hadn’t wore in months, so as we’re driving along I glance down and see to my estimation, a TARANTULA crawling on my leg. So naturally I SCREAM and flick it onto my Mother! She ran the car up onto the sidewalk, we both jumped out of the car and commenced to drop and the rain. When she had regained the use of her vocal cords, she chased me around the car!  So here I am, a Mother of two sons. Two beautiful son’s… that don’t like spiders either! Anyway, I was recently painting the fence in our back yard. I told my fifteen year old to lend me a hand. As we get to the bottom of the fence, my son looks down and crawling up his arm, by His estimation, a TARANTULA! So…..naturally he flicks it on ME! We proceed to drop and roll ( a family specialty) we are both rolling around like puppies, clothing starts coming off, and the language emitted from my mouth alone should have alerted local authorities. When we were both sure the offending Aracnid was gone, or mashed by our rolling bodies…I CHASED THAT KID AROUND THE YARD!!  And THIS  is what I believe they call “KARMA”.  Thank you Mom!

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