Never mess with a Mother..

All of us come to a place and time in this life where certain situations test our metal. Show us what we’re made of. Before I became a Mother my irrational fear of Spiders dictated SO MUCH of my life. Will I sit in THAT chair? Will I walk under THAT tree limb? Will I go into THAT Garage? The moment I became a Mother I knew I would walk through fire for that child without a backwards glance. But could I stand up to a Spider for that child? I got my answer when my son was eleven months old. I had taken my little one shopping one day, he was buckled in his car seat. I parked my car, walked to his side and began taking him out. It was at that moment I saw “IT” crawling across my baby’s chest. A BROWN TARANTULA! Now, let me set the scene for you. A crowded New England parking lot at the mall. People walking around, cars pulling in and out, very busy, and ME.. engaging with a Spider! I slapped the Spider off his chest, all the while screaming, holding the baby at arms length, shaking his body back and forth while screaming”DIE YOU BASTARD, DIE”. I’m not sure there is much more a person could do to garner anymore attention than that! People were looking, getting out of their cars, staring. At that point I saw that I had actually got the Spider off my baby and it was now on the floor of my car. I held my baby close while I started stomping with one leg, all the while screaming DIE, DIE!!! I am most fortunate that my children find my spider antics humorous, to say the least. Even at eleven months old, my Dimitri found this hysterical! After I vanquished the eight legged monster I looked around and saw what was once concerned bystanders, just a bunch of highly amused strangers. “Don’t mess with a Mother” I have found, is so much more than a catch phrase. It took becoming a Mother to stand up to a Spider, and it is ONLY for my children I ever would again. Twenty years have passed, my son’s are babies no longer. The upside to this is that now THEY come to MY rescue whenever a Spider makes its presence known. They come welding pellet guns, knives, machetes,books, HAIR SPRAY ( DAM, I taught them well) anything that can kill it. Thank goodness, there had to be some advantages of being a Mother..;)

EXACTLY how I talk to Spiders

EXACTLY how I talk to Spiders


  1. I don’t know if I could of killed it, maybe leaving the car for someone else to deal with would of been my first choice …….lol

    • I didn’t have a choice. Motherhood dictates that I protect the kid’s! LOL!

  2. Shaken Spider Syndrome……

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