Some people deserve to be Slapped!

Some people deserve to be Slapped! Not only deserve it, but ASK for it! My sister Janice was your quintessential California girl. Waist length blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and NOT afraid of Spiders. She was everything I wasn’t. What a thorn in my side! I loved her dearly! Growing up she had pets. Not Cat’s or Dogs, or goldfish like normal kids, but MUCH different kinds of pet’s. She had a Rooster aptly named ” Bully”. He chased me around the yard spurring the backs of my legs till my father realised I WASN’T playing with the Chicken and finally hit it in the head with a brick! She had a Snake, a goat that butted everyone but her! Then there was the Rat named” Socrates”. Used to chase the dog around the yard! And last but NEVER least…. she had a TARANTULA! No, not like the kind of Spiders I call TARANTULAS. A REAL one. She acquired THAT pet AFTER she moved out! Well one day she was playing with it outside. There was a fairly strong breeze and it got tangled up in her long hair! As I said before, she was afraid of nothing. Nothing, that is until it frantically tried climbing up her hair, getting it’s hairy legs more entwined in her hair! She panicked, started pulling it and her hair out, and in her panic she THREW this TARANTULA against the side of her house! No RAID needed after that! I believe it was shortly thereafter she was struck by a bout of normalcy..she got a DOG!