The ” HOLY S@#T” Spaz is an un-expected encounter with a Spider. It usually occurs when you, the individual, are in the course of performing a task. Weather it be indoor, or out, you are concentrating on what you are doing, about to do, or need to do when without notice, A SPIDER! It is at this moment that you create this loud, lung filling, sucking of air sound. There is an abrupt stop to the movement of your feet, your head snaps back quickly, eyes bulge, and the ONLY thing that comes to mind and escapes your lips is “HOLY S@#T”!! The “HOLY S@#T” Spaz is fairly easy to master. It is actually one of those spasms that comes naturally to most people. Generally speaking, this spaz is followed up by the individual staring continuously, never blinking, while backing up. Putting as much distance between the spider and yourself is of the utmost priority! Once you have established ample distance, and are able to collect your thoughts, you look for something to kill the spider with. This can range from a lead pipe, a book, a shoe, a tire iron, a large un-used air compressor, even a thrown out, unwanted microwave oven! Just remember, in the world of Arachnophobia, you are never alone.

" HOLY S#@T "!!!

” HOLY S#@T “!!!