Please forgive me as I attempt to learn my way around this new site. Computer savoy, I am not! When I write I write about what I know. And what I know are two things. One, I HATE SPIDERS! And two, I am a Spaz. I startle at the slightest thing. I swear I wasn’t always like this. I just became this was in the last two or fifteen years. Honestly! Take last night, I walk into the kitchen and bump into the stove, and the salt shaker falls off the back or the stove and on to the window sill. I let out a scream, heart pounding, and dramatically start backing up to the refrigerator looking like one of those morons from a Friday the 13th movie! My son come’s running into the kitchen, pellet gun in hand, because a scream like that could only mean I am being attacked by a serial rapist, only to find that the salt shaker had fallen behind the fricken stove! Then there is my husband. Always calm, nerves of steel. What I have found is that the more stressful the situation, the more calm he becomes. I have often checked to see if he has a pulse! I keep hoping that one day some of him will rub off on me, but lets face facts. I am a redhead, and I am half Irish. I believe that comes to a FAT CHANCE! A friend recently told me that quite frankly, I should speak of more than just Spazing over Spiders. Broaden my horizons if you will. So with that in mind, I will endeavor to do just that. After all, there is so much out there for a skittish female such as I to spaz about. I started writing about my spider encounters, because it is Spider’s that bother me the most. I know I am not alone is this irrational fear because there is a word that describes it. ARACNAPHOBIA! And as a confirmed Aracnaphob it is my firm belief that this fear gives off a particular pheromone, if you will, that alerts all Spiders to jump, drop, run across any part of me or my surroundings. I also believe there is a Spider network. Spider’s from all neighboring neighborhoods communicate to one another of my location and send out little spider spy’s. And that is why I find them in the shower ( pervert spiders) looking at me through my window (peeping tom spiders) and hanging from my Celine. I call those The Call of Duty spiders. an elite military unit able to track and inform head quarters of my whereabouts. So, for those of you living with the same affliction as I, know you are not alone. Just read my post from time to time and you’ll know that for sure!