thCA2DMIP8A day in the life of a Spider Spazing Freak is not only a look into my every day life, it is also the title of my new forthcoming book. That’s right my friend’s, I wrote a book. And what’s more incredible us that an actual publishing company signed me on! Tate Publishing liked what I sent and offered me a contract. I guess there are more like me than I originally feared, because acquisitions editor, Jeff Foster believes people will find with it, and see the humor in my irrational fear. So, that being said you can understand why I have not written here in quite a while. I am awaiting the cover design and if I like it, we will be ready for promotion and distribution. A day in the life of a Spider Spazing Freak will be available on E-book for Kendall Fire, through Amazon, Barnes and noble as well as the Tate Publishing website. I hope you will find amusement in my embarrassment. And as I have stated before, much to my ever-living shame, every word written is true!